Leather Conditioning For Your Car: Do You Need It?

Car Leathers

Leather has been a part of life and is used in various areas. There are types of leather that are ranked by the grades as regard their use. Leather needs good care so it will last for a long time.

Leather car seats are attractive without the hassle of buying expensive upholstery. People associate leather seat covers with elegance and style. Typical vehicles can turn head with beautiful leather seat covers.

Seat covers are custom made for the exact year, model of the car and colors that fit the vehicle. Leathers are expensive compared to vinyl or cloth but the price is worth it.

Leathers lasts for decades once handled with care to keep it intact and good looking. Wanting to have leather car seats will cost you a big deal. It is important to condition the leather because if not well maintained will go through irreversible damage such as fading, crack and brittle surfaces.

Advantages of Conditioning

Conditioning help avoid leathers from drying out. Chemicals are formulated to give moisture to the material. It provides a physical wall to prevent surface abrasion and soiling. Also, it adds gloss to improve the appearance and beauty of the leather. Leather is usually finished with coatings that protect the surface from heat. A best conditioner maintains these leather characteristics and ensures its long term durability

Conditioning leathers include four processes. It is up to you if youíll follow all of the steps or just prefer one to maintain the leatherís quality for prolong use.


Before you condition the leather, choose first a cleaner that will help maintain the natural oils instead of stripping them. The recommended cleaner should not leave any residue behind. Residues make leather prone to microorganisms that break down the item stitching. Before you apply something on your leather, make sure to test its effects in color. Once you are convinced with the productís effectiveness, it is the time to apply it using a cloth. For stitched areas, use brushes to clean.


Conditioners are meant for infrequent use. They contain oils that lubricate leather and enhance the flexibility. Find a product that will absorb into the fibers, but be careful of those with mineral oils and petroleum. Long term use of petroleum can damage the leather.


After applying conditioner, polishing is made for infrequent time when you opt for a glossy finish on your leather. There are several things to consider when buying a polishing product. Some agents contain coloring substances that will fade things they come in contact with. There are also other agents that clog the leather pores. Be sure to test first the product on a small area and if the result is good, rub to shine.


Moisture protection is important in preventing liquid hazards from destroying the leather. Spouting and stiffness happen if the material is not well protected. However, there is a downside in moisture barriers, they tend to pack the pores with grease that makes conditioning hard to do. If you have time, apply moisture barrier and provide time to absorb and dry before using your leather again.


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